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(IRIS CORP. BHD) Trustlead Leadership Training


Consultancy on developing leadership skills

Date: 6-7 April 2016
Venue: Bukit Jalil,Kuala Lumpur


National Cyber Coordination & Control Centre (NC4) 


NC4 Change Management, Benefits Realization & Post Implementation Review Awareness workshop Consultancy on Change Management, Benefits Realization, and Post Implementation Review Awareness Workshop

Year: 2015-2016

Government Integrated Telecommunications Network


1Gov*Net Scenario Planning WorkshopConsultation and facilitating the projection on desired state, current state, path to the future state, future state achievable and synthesis

Year: Dec 2014 - 2015

Government of Zimbabwe 


E-Government Blueprint for Government of ZimbabweDevelopment of a five year E-Government strategic and implementation road map

Year: 2010-2015

GDC2-Government Data Centre 


Consultancy   on   Change  Management.  Develop  &  conducting Change Management programs.

Year: 2012-2014

KPJ Pharmaserv Teambuilding 


Teambuilding for KPJ Pharmaserv Alliance Sdn Bhd

:1 Session Year: 2014



Master of Trainers (MOT) – provide training & consultancy to enhancethe  presentation  skills  to  the  Trainers  from  the selected Agencies:4 sessions

From August 2013 – June 2014

Teambuilding/Anger Management Course 


KPDNKK (Kem. Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi & Kepenggunaan) - August 2013 

KPWKM (Kem. Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga & Masyarakat) - June 2014

CSS-Bank Negara Teambuilding 


Teambuilding for Bank Negara Malaysia

: 8 Sessions Year: 2013

Digital Document Management System (DDMS) 


Consultancy   on   Change  Management.  Develop  &  conducting Change Management programs. Change Management assessment, interim plan and blueprint 

Year: 2012-2014

Business Continuity Management Workshop


Training and consultancy on Business Continuity  Managementfor Jabatan    Ukur    dan    Pemetaan    Malaysia    (JUPEM)

: 3 Sessions Year: 2014

MERS 999 


Consultancy  on   Change   Management.  Develop  &   conducting  Change Management programs. Change Management assessment, interim plan and blueprint

: Year 2013 – 2015

Alam Flora Sdn Bhd (DRB Group)


Professional Image, Etiquette & Protocols (Management Level)

: 2 sessions 

Year: 2013

OSI Sdn Bhd (DRB Group) 


Professional Image, Etiquette & Protocols (Management level)

:1 session Year: 2013

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