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Business and ICT Blueprint


Our clients have a diverse range of objectives when they commission business and ICT strategy work. We design each engagement to suit individual client's needs, rather than adopting a 'one-size fits all' strategy method. Our Strategic Planning Service provides businesses with professional consultancy resources to develop strategy by aligning ICT and business objectives.

ICT and Related Training


We provide custom made ICT management and related training program, normally a blend of skills, knowledge and behavioural.  The training includes profiling of participants, assessment and, if necessary, certification.  Training in Change Management, ICT Governance, ICT Blueprint, IT Project Management and Information Architecture are also available

Change Management


We design, develop and implement strategies for change by using the GITS tested methodology based on a holistic change requirement, which covers formalisation, buy-in, integration and internalisation.  They include people, process and organisational change.

​ICT Governance


We will provide you the solutions on addressing ICT Governance, on two major issues; (1) the risk of ICT investment (2) the risk of ICT failure. Our ICT Governance framework will cover three areas which are PEOPLE (practitioners, users and managers), MECHANISM (to ensure ICT are well-steered and implemented) and PROCESS (managing, developing and using ICT). Good ICT governance is actually a balance between proper conformance (policies and standards) and performance (best practices).

​Project Management


Our project management work ranges from 'hard' technology projects, through 'transformation' projects involving significant ICT and change management, to 'soft' projects involving organizational development, training and the introduction of a projects culture

​ICT Innovation


We undertake research and development work in ICT.  The goal is not to compete with existing product but to plan, design and develop affordable technology that is complementary to current needs and usage, focusing on technology that support the masses in line with national goals such as in the areas of open source and digital divide.

​Training & Development


We provide a wide range of training & development services in order to assist our clients with competent, effective and efficient workforce. Our trainers are professionals from different education background and working experience. We engage with the participants in order to have a lively indoor or outdoor activities where everybody sharing and learning new knowledge

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